Wednesday, 27 March 2013

I think the silverback has it sussed beats his chest and tells everyone to fuck off.

Yes surprisingly I have had a good day with the big man little man and littliest man. Little man had hospital today with big blood test so no school. However did go to Howletts afterwards for a slowwww walk round just to catch our breathe enjoy each others company and take Bodie's mind off stuff.

But I must say seeing what my boys, well two of them go through each day with one thing or another i do feel like the silverback. Why do these two gentle souls have to deal with so much! I mean if it was me, I could sorta understand miss mischief and all that but not the big man and the little man, I wish someone could explain it to me.....

So sometimes if I am honest and deep down feel like telling some people where to go its just because I choose to share my time with them and if they can't be bothered to do the same I shall share it elsewhere.....amen the end I have finished my rant xxxx


  1. Silverbacks do indeed have it right. Hope you have a good day today xxx

  2. Sure will sweet Verns birthday Friday and its easter. Bodie had hospital and bloods that's why he was not at school. Xxxx