Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Just saying....

I was just saying on facebook I love all the blogs I follow all for different reason, for being funny interesting creative etc...
But no one seems to feel the need for a bath tub full of wine sometimes!

I love my boys more than anything don't get me wrong but I  must confess sometimes they drive me bonkers and I might as well be talking to a snail in the garden for the reaction I get when telling them off!
Is it me! I ask myself, am I too soft or cave in too easily.
Yes I guess it can only be me really but geez sometimes I feel like  wrapping myself in brown paper putting a few hundred stamps on and posting me to Mount Everest.


  1. Haha, good ideas, both the wine bath and the posting to Mt Everest! No, it's not just you! It can be very draining, especially when their ears don't appear to work!!
    It's ok to want your own space, but I know it's sometimes hard to make that time. Xxx

    1. Sure is Milina but bit by bit I'm getting there lol :-)