Saturday, 10 August 2013

Morning All

I saw this fun idea over at, and I remembered how much I used to like them. So I thought I’d shake the old brain cells and see what I could come up with. Want to do one too? Then throw your link in the comments so i can come and see them!

Making : Lots of little treasure for my boys gnome/fairy garden.
Cooking : homemade pizza, eton mess.
Drinking : Strong tea.
ReadingOne door away from heavn, by Dean koontz. lots of uni books too.
Wanting: Someone to deep-clean my kitchen make that my house.
Looking: At my happy boys.
Playing: Green garden by Laura Mvula
Wasting: Time!
Sewing: Little outfits for peg dolls/gnomes.
Wishing: I hadn’t drunk all the wine.
Enjoying: Bedtime chatts with my eldest Bodie :O)
Waiting: For family from New Zealand to arrive.
Liking: This warm weather we are having.
Wondering: What the year ahead holds.
Loving: How my boys get along and play together most of the time.
Hoping: They will always be so close.
Marvelling: At how very fast they grow...slow down there is no hurry.
Needing: to sort out my garden too.
Smelling: My lovely incense i burn all the time.
Wearing: red pj longs and a green vest top ;o/
Following: The Veggies Mama ;o)
Noticing: I look much older than I used to all of a sudden. I think it is the lack of sleeeeeeep. so agree with this me too lol.
Knowing: This is only ging to get well (dawn it)
Thinking: where have the years gone!!!
Feeling: like I never have enough time to do all the things i need to do let alone want to do for myself.
Bookmarking: can't think of anything.
Opening: A lot of roving i want to make some felt pebbles
Giggling: the boys laughing.
Feeling: Tired as had another late night and restless seeing as the youngest sleeps with me and put his feet on my head to feel my hair.....sigh

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