Wednesday, 30 October 2013


This last few days we have had the lurgy monster in our little home, needless to say patients has been in short supply with the wee ones and the bigger ones of the house, and boredom has been flowing, boy has it been flowing.
Trying to stay mindful and patient with a splitting head, nose full of cotton wool and a cough like the engine of a 500 year old tractor has been tough to say the least. However light is upon the horizon and the sun is shining through the windows this morning though there is a chill in the air. I am hoping that we do not have so many bugs this winter time as its always hard in our house with big boys kidneys to look after as well as the general concerns when children are ill.
Here's to health and happiness wherever you are :o)


  1. Hoping that the germs have moved on! It can be so tough to keep calm and positive when everyone is sick. WIshing you gentle and healthy days :) xx

    1. Hi Steph so sweet of you to comment, still fighting the battle of the germs but see the light at the end of the box of tissues :-) xxxx