Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Decisions and Stress.

Well I have been having many a sleepless night thinking about where I am heading and what I am doing as I am sure a lot of you do!
 I have decided to continue along with my wonderful degree at uni but I am not wanting to teach mainstream primary education the passion I have inside of me I feel I would not be able to express in this way of teaching. I want to be able to be as arty as I can and be as creative as I would like so I will finish my degree and go from there.
Maybe Montessori, teaching children with long term illness or doing artwork shops at different schools would be wonderful so maybe i will need to do another course after my degree or something any suggestions I welcome with open arms.
Here's to knew and exciting things ahead, I hope.
Lovely image found on google images


  1. I am glad you are continuing with your education. My daughter is a teacher [Culinary Arts to high school students] and is now working on her Master's.
    It's amazing how this world works and there is know telling the future holds.

    PS- I finished your ornaments and hope to have them in the mail next week. Have a great weekend.

    1. Hi Tracey thankyou fir your message nice to get your support. I am stilling working on your ornaments but will be out to you as soon as I can I expect to send them in the next 10 days will message you once they are sent.
      Have a awesome weekend.

  2. Merry Christmas Emma.
    Yes, your beautiful ornaments arrived save and sound. Thank you so much, they are all so lovely and are now decorating my tree as I type.
    I am so thankful this swap brought you into my life and I look forward to many visits in the year ahead.

    1. Merry boxing day to to you so glad they arrived, lovely message from you i'm also.glad you are now in my life xxxx