Friday, 13 December 2013

One of those weeks

Hello and happy build up to Christmas to you. I hope it is full of Christmas activities and that your houses are decked with lots of lights, tinsel and baubles, mine is. Today both my boys are home as the eldest was too shattered for school, he sometimes has trouble winding down at night and with all the other things his got going on this just exhausts him. So today we have been in my room with Christmas tune blasting, colouring in this rather fab Christmas tree that a kind friend printed off for me,its huge.

We also made a star ladder after seeing this idea on one of my fav blogs, ours is slightly different and i shall put a photo in another post.
But i like the idea of the boys moving the angel up the stars as it gets closers to Christmas and they love the multi coloured stars.
Also this week we booked something to take the kids to see at a lovely local theatre called Penguin, i think i am as excited as they are about this.

But would you believe that i still haven't had one mince pie or a glass of mulled wine, i know what a sin. Happy Weekend to you where ever you are whatever you are doing.


  1. Loving those coloring pages!!! How fantastic are they!!! And I do hope you get that glass of wine! Such a lovely blog you have here! I look forward to following along with you!!!

    1. Oh thanks so much for your message. This is all so new to me "blogging" so alittle of a beginner. Love your blog :) hope you enjoy the colouring pages the tree is massive:) Yes wine time shortly, waiting for my youngest to fall asleep. Take care xxxx