Thursday, 11 September 2014

It's over.

I can't believe that summer school holidays is over, I'm in a kinda shock I think!  I hated my eldest going back to school much more than he did. Well we have a much cooler day here today and I can smell winter in the air that crisp chilly feeling arrrgggh I'm NOT a winter lover apart from the snow off course and Christmas.
I'm back at University next week too, its all busy busy now a different kinda busy to what we have in the School holidays.

I made a collage for a friend as a thankyou as he had gifted my eldest a beautiful djembe drum for being brave and having been through so much, I hope he likes it. Also made another Hamsa hand collage. anyways away I go to for a cuppa and some baking.
Ems :o)


  1. Ah Emma!!! SO pretty friend! Love the Hamsa hand! And I can not believe school is back in session either as I had a bit of an emotional episode about it this year....and yep we are feeling that cold air as well! Wishing you good luck with the start of university! Nicole xo

  2. Hey sweet Nicole Sorry to hear you had a emotional episode I soo know where you are coming from. First day back at uni today and I'm shattered weather has been gorgeous though shame I was in a lecture for the most part. Hope your all well your end! Will have to do a collage for you sometime. Cuddles Ems xxxx