Wednesday, 12 November 2014

And Christmas is on the horizon.

Well it has been a while since I have posted on here I lost interest abit still follow the blogs I love of course and check in regular but just lost interest here I guess because everyone else seemed not too interested too, can't blame you! LOL
I have been up to my ears in busy and abit more busy. How have you guys been?
I have open a society6 shop and have sold a few collages privately which is great hoping that will expand, been looking after poorly family members entertaining the littliest boy who didnt take to preschool the two morning a week we tried out, can't blame him and trying to get university work done, sighhhhhhh

We had to visit Great Ormond Street today for my eldest which is always a hard day and we are always glad to come home its a long trip from where we are but we did it and home safe and sound. Has anyone started any cool christmas crafts you wish to share would love to see them, please add a link on here, I have some super ideas on my pinterest page if you fancy a look as well as some other great pages please feel free to check it out
Also through the wonderful Jessica
I also won a place on lifebook 2015 that i am totally over the moon about

well goodbye for now, Ems xxxx


  1. Hey you! I have been thinking about you! Good for you for your sales sweet friend! Your art is beautiful! Have fun with your boys and good luck with school!! Nicole xoxo

    1. Hey You, How are you all doing? Getting set for christmas? xxxx