Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Started Homeschooling and Week 4 of Lifebook.

Well, well, well what a busy week my goodness lots of stuff happening. We have decided to homeschool our boys (yes whilst I finish my degree) the eldest because of health reason and we feel he is better at home and learns more.
It is exciting as my boys are very keen to learn and i love learning along with them, also get to do heaps of art and crafts with them too.

Also finished week 4 of Lifebook 2015http://willowinglove.blogspot.co.uk/p/life-book-2015.html not sure how I feel about my little ballet dancer this one as not my normal style etc etc, but its done....

Also a wording piece, my happy jar and some tags I have made myself or been given and altered, the one with the lovely red tree on was from the ovely Amanda at http://eightbysix.blogspot.co.uk/


  1. Hi please check back to the paper fabric postcard project on the PaperArtsy blog as you are a winner.

    1. Hey Darcy thats fantastic you've made me whole day ;o)