Friday, 6 February 2015

A New Collage and Week Three of Home School/ Education/Life whatever you prefer!

Evening All,

Had another busy day but also a nice treat to the movies to see "Big Hero 6" which was great really funny. The Boys are still slowly getting into things asking to read, do a bit of Maths and English amongst all the Art & Crafts we always do. We had a charity shop hunt in the snow (it didn't settle) for resources and found some great new things, lots of books for Maths and English, two Science kits and even a silk painting kit all unused, brilliant, I have to be honest never thought of hitting these shops until a bunch of people advised doing it that also home Eddin their children.

I am slowly getting my book ready for my uni exam but feeling a bit lost there I think overwhelmed making sure my boys are fine its on my mind at the moment and can't concentrate on much else, hoping that will pass next week as really need to crack on with things. Managed however to get a new collage done during the day with the boys doing there bits too.
Just checking in really, just to say hi.

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