Friday, 24 July 2015

A Home!

What was a home to you? When you were younger, prior to kids and before life became abit more serious?
I was thinking about this, this evening with Enigma's first album playing and cooking for my boys. When I was younger, single and before children, my idea of my home was a incense, music and art making induced camper van of some sort, with a long hair hippy as a partner and four kids in tow...

At 40 now, I am still the same hippy, in my mind a home is still a fun, filled incense smelling  interesting place with cool stuff to look and a Buddha or 4,  no matter size or area that you live in after all home is where the people that live in it are and who you want to call friends!!! But I have noticed upon ageing that some friends I hold dear (sadly)  have changed in this idea, now home to them goes by the size, the area you live, where the furniture you brought is from and if you have a cleaner or not??
Unfortunately for me i still dearly want to stay in touch with these friends and hold them in deep regards as i always have, nothing for me has changed apart from us getting older bu t sadly for them these other things have changed the way they see me........I am still the same person just got a few greys now and maybe abit more nutty!

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