Tuesday, 14 January 2014

This week soooo far....

Well I am tired....very tired I have been busy trying out some more new recipes to improve my boys food intake and put some healthy fat on my eldest, he is enjoying alot of the new cookies etc whilst trying to keep mini man and hubs full and healthy too.

I normal enjoy this but feeling very tense this week could be the time of year with the help of time of the month :o/ or maybe today it was the fact trying to do four new things plus cook dinner entertain the little man who was clinging onto my leg like a limbpit whilst listening to the eldest telling me what was happening on the wildlife doco I had recorded for him.

Anyhow I am having a wine and enjoying the fact I've finished my childrens book me and the big boy have written, now to find someone to publish it, amazingly passed my uni video assignment plus started painting some pebbles and making pebble pouches for thank you gifts for christmas gifts received.
Also trying to finish some pebbles for my stone exchange to send off.

What has been rocking your world lately?

Also making some of these lovelies for Valentines, photo off pinterest.



  1. I love those hearts!!! And i so hear you! We had pure crazy here today with a million things happening all at once! You hang in there and bravo for all that you are doing for your family! I have picked out my stone design for you!! I can't wait to finish it all up! So glad you were able to get a glass of wine! Happy week to you! Nic

    1. Hi there Nic,
      Thanks for lovely message I too am finishing off a design for you and hoping your like it. Hope that your having a great week.
      Hugs Ems