Thursday, 23 January 2014


Lots going on here at the moment good and bad, I'm taking part in a Valentine's Swop which I will do a post about nearer the time, so have been busy making things for that. I also have been painting some stones for my stone exchange and the first one got sent off this week to a lovely lady and again I will talk about this more in another post.

Today I just wanted to have myself abit of a cheer up, as those who may have read my blog before may know that my eldest beautiful boy has chronic kidney disease and hyper tension. He has been poorly the last  few days very hot and now a rash on his chest behind his ears and on his wee tummy, so off we went to the doctor and he has Scarlet Fever!!! not that common, so he is on meds for that and hoping he will be feeling much better real soon.
However myself and my husband always get very anxious when he is unwell as it really does knock him around and with the underlying condition we have to be careful with him. It also brings back awful memories and sometime guilt even though I know its not our fault, you still feel it.

So after all that I wanted to share with you some of my fav artist and the trees they paint/make etc as I adore them, please check them out for yourselves.

These are by the wonderful Flor Larios i have the first tree in a wee wooden block and the second is a pendant on a necklace you can find Flor on facebook at:

And these beauty are done by Dromme Lund and you can see these and many more at:

These gem are from the fab artist Nikki Monaghan and you can find her at:

I hope you like these as much as I do, more soon.

Emma :o)


  1. Oh I love these beautiful trees!!! I am always so inspired by them! Let me just say that I will be praying for your son and your family...that he pulls through with great health and strength after this illness. My son has health issues as well and we were just at the lung specialist this week to sort things out so I can relate to that intense feeling of being anxious and nervous.... You take care sweet lady...I will email you in a bit with postage things! Nicole xoxo

    1. Hi Nicole, Thank you for your very kind message x I hope your son is okay and you got things sorted at the specialist. My husband posted your little package on Tuesday but for the life of me I can't find where he has put the details, I'm sure it will arrive safe and sound. Cuddles Emma xxxx

  2. The trees are beautiful.

    My thoughts are with your family and your little boy. It is so hard when our little ones are sick.

    1. Hi thanks for your message, yes its horrid when the little ones are ill. I have to send you your stone still could I please have a postal address for you? Have a great day whatever you are up too. :)