Sunday, 2 February 2014

Those no longer here....

I was thinking just now on the way home from my mum and dad's about my Grandad Steve (Mum's dad) how he would have been just like me!
When I say like me I mean with similar loves, worries, dreams and so on. He had 6 children 2 girls and 4 boys and life must have been hard sometimes. But he would have had dreams for his children and himself and his wife (my nan).

Just strange to think the lives that those we love in some cases has ended, as we know it. But I'm sure there must be something next, such wonderful loving souls can't just end I don't believe that at all.

Just my thoughts.



  1. Your thoughts are beautiful and yes they go on...Was just saying good-bye to my cousin today as he is dying. It is a very hard time for my family and yet our love as a family has never been stronger. Sounds like your grandfather was a good man. All the best friend...Nicole xoxo

    1. Hey Nicole thanks for message so sorry to hear about your cousin, I Hope he goes peacefully when his time comes. Yes my grandad was a gorgeous soul as were I guess I should say are grandparents who have moved on to whatever is next xxxx