Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Away with the fairies...

I have been away with the fairies a bit recently here and there soooo many things to do, people to catch up with, uni work and ideas so many ideas maybe too many that i want to do all at once and just can't, new skills i want to learn and courses i want to go on,  to be around more inspired and creative people. 
It would be real easy for me to get overwhelmed and lost and maybe disheartened, but i shall not allow that to happen (I hope). I need some meeeeeeeeeeeeee time i wana go back to the gym and get back into yoga which i both loved and use to be addicted too before two little boys took up any free time i had, don't get me wrong i love them more than anything but sometimes it would be just nice to have alittle Me, do you know what i mean!
I saw this on the lovely blog: inked in  and thought i'd give it a go for fun.
Making : ends meet.
cooking veggie pie
Drinking : water and wine if i get a chance.
Reading: city of ashes
Wanting: a house and a holiday 
Looking: forward and alittle backwards too
Playing: strawpeople
Wasting: my worries
Sewing: brooches snd canvas mixed media
Wishing: for a year with bumps in all the right places.
Enjoying: my family
Waiting: all the right things
Liking: wine, etsy and art
Wondering: how I'm going to juggle it all for the next six
Loving: wine, morrocan cous cous.
Hoping: for a wonderful year
Marvelling: at my wonderful boys 
needing a big lotto win
Smelling: of sandal wood
Following: everything
Knowing: things can only get better
Thinking: about more project
Feeling: alittle swamped and tired.
bookmarking lots
Opening: my heart to options... slowly.
Giggling: with my boys
Feeling: alittle worried.

How about you?


  1. This is fantastic friend! I do so hear you on the me time as I can barely remember those times at all! I hope that you get a chance to get back into yoga! And like you I have so many things that I want to do but feel as though I will never have enough time! AHHHH! Here is to wonderful things friend! Nicole xoxo

  2. hehehe laughing at what are you Liking: wine, etsy and art LOVE it.

    yep Im with you feeling tired .x

    1. Hey Lisa that just about sums me up wine, etsy and art chuck in my boys yoga exercise and that's me totally :D