Saturday, 24 May 2014

Sleep Apnea and what it does....

So does anyone suffer with or knows someone that has this awful awful condition?
A family member of mine has it and has been battling this longer than we know and it has completely changed our lives, his especially.

The only way I can grasp alittle bit what its like for him everyday is how sleep deprived I felt when my boys were  born those first few months were hard real hard sleep wise. This affects everything his whole life is such a very negative way the ability to function full stop, work, gym, socially, emotionally everything not a way to live at all, sucks the enjoyment out if everything as well as being a awful strain healthwise even with a cpap machine in use.

I feel very sad at the moments thinking about this with no end in sight. Yes there are obstacles that challenge all of us but this one sure sucks.

I'm Sorry this is not a upbeat post but this has been life for a while. On abit of a brighter note I have just taken part in a stationary exchange and currently doing a work exchange  with another artist whilst family life continues and uni work calls my name.



  1. It is so awful....I have a good friend who suffers from this condition and like your family member his life is greatly affected. Somehow he is managing it and my hopes are that there is more help available for people suffering from this condition. My thoughts and prayers are with your family friend. Hope all is going well in uni.....take care...Nicole xoxo

    1. Hi.Nicole hope your enjoying your garden lots! It is a awful.condition.isn't family member has it very bad indeed. Hoping their able to enjoy sunmer this year as they haven't been able for a while. Hope your friend improves xxxx

  2. Dear Emma
    Yes, my husband does. he has an air machine but is constantly tired and never feels rested when he has been asleep. He manages in the day because he has to and I think his body has adapted (sort of) to the small amount of sleep he gets. The machine has helped, but lack of proper restful sleep does affect his enthusiasm and motivation.
    Best wishes

    1. Hi Ellie
      I'm Sorry to hear your husband has it too, its just awful ny family member is suffering something awful, not a lot of understanding out there either. Let's hope the future holds some good help for them so they are able to participate and enjoy life like they should. Xxxx

  3. Hi Emma thank you so much for my lovely stationery swap. I've added some news to my blog today and don't forget to enter my May giveaway. Amanda x