Sunday, 8 June 2014


Well hello June, hasn't the weather been just beautiful today it has lifted my spirits which I so badly needed at this present time, unfortunately my two beloved boys have rotten colds but thankfully did get out in the garden today to enjoy this wonderful weather, alas still awake now as congested and hot wee man is lying in my lap as I type this post and little man chatting to his dad in his bedroom, lets hope they will have a good nights sleep soon.

I took part in the fantastic stationary swap arranged by the gorgeous Lisa at sprouting creative wings my partner was the lovely Amanda from eight by six please see below for the wonderful parcels of loveliness I received from Amanda and check out their blogs you won't be disappointed.

I have also been working on another sketch book this one is part of my uni assignment but I always have sketch books on the go so don't see this as work try and get bits done here and there which can be tricky with a on the go 3 and 8 year old, the youngest who is stuck to me 24/7 :o)
He did help me make a Hamsa hand wall hanging  in the week whilst playing with his sand table hope to make some more detailed ones to put in my etsy shop.

My wonderful awesome so much loved dad has had a few tests and has been told Tumour is a nasty and unusual one so this has been hard to get my head round, now we are just waiting for him to have the operation and go from there....

Hope whatever you doing and wherever you are life is good and full of happiness, health, love and laughter. Emma xxxx

What a parcel for me! Oh how lovely :D
Oh and look what lovely's were inside xxxx

Some pages from one of my sketch books, this one for Uni.

And finally the Hamsa hand the wee man helped me with.

Peace, Love, Laughter, Happiness and Health, Me xxxx


  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I am loving the style of your pages and work. especially the doodling on top and the colours!

    1. Hi.Vicki thanks for your nice comment and glad you like my work :)

  2. I will be praying for your dad dear let us know how he is doing and I hope that you take care of yourself as well. Your little man sounds like my little guy! And that hand is beautiful! I am always taken with your work! You stay strong and your family is in my thoughts....Nicole xoxo

    1. Hey Nicole hope your keeping well! Thankyou for your kind words dads operation is next week so hoping it will be positive news all on tender hooks this week as to be expected. I'm glad you like my hand have a few I'm working on when I have a free moment. Hope you have some nice pkans for the weekend! Xxxx

  3. Hi Emma-- I just wanted to let you know that you've won the collection of bluebird notecards- buttons- and book marker in my Nature's Artistry giveWay:)

    Can you please email me with your mailing address please? My email address is shown on the sidebar of my blog--