Monday, 7 July 2014

Looking for the bright side of life, Brian!

Well well well the last wee while since my last post has been a rollercoaster ups and downs all the way. But as always being the happy hippy, I am trying to look on the bright side of life which I must admit has been hard going this time round, I also lack access to my own laptop just for a while now which has come with a bucket load of problems that created more problem and before you know it there's this giant snowball chasing me down my hill of summer sun.
Anyways just thought i'd share with you some photos of my garden and some flowers that have just started to smile at the sun and also some more work of mine that I did a while back.

How's things with you and what going on in your garden, have you been creating and letting your soul shine!

My Mandala Pieces

Some lovely smiling flowers

Home Happy's

A different piece

Something that really made me smile was my wonderful gift from a awesome New Zealand artist Jo Bain who sent me this most gorgeous stunning painting, we exchanged our creations and it was a wonderful experience I hope we can do again (excuse the flash on this photo).


  1. Your happies are stunning friend! Your work is gorgeous...full of energy and color! And your garden is outstanding!!! I hope that things get sure have the right attitude! Sending you good thoughts and a hug! Nicole xo

    1. Thanks Nicole glad you like post hoping things will move forward in a good way. Hope all great with you! Cuddles xxxx

  2. Emma - I love your beautiful creations- they are so bright and colorful-

    Your garden flowers are lovely also-- I always enjoy beautiful blooms:)